Ibu Pejabat Kontingen Pahang (IPK Pahang)


The Royal Malaysia Police, or Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) contingent head office in Pahang.

Contact Information

Emergency Contact:

999 (from landline)
112 (from mobile phone)

Address & Tel. IPK Pahang:

Ibupejabat Polis Kontinjen Pahang
Polis Diraja Malaysia,
Jalan Gambut,
25990 Kuantan

Tel:   09-5902222
Fax:  09-5179018








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Criminal Investigation Department (CID)


CID is the branch of all British Police and many other Commonwealth police forces to which plain clothes detectives belong. It is thus distinct from the Uniformed Branch and the Special Branch. CID officers must have spent at least two years as uniformed officers before applying to transfer to the branch and receive further training when they do so.

CID officers are involved in investigation of major crimes such as rape, murder, serious assault, fraud, and any other offences that require complex detection. They are responsible for acting upon intelligence received and then building a case, from analysis of the initial incident through to arrest and prosecution of any suspects.


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