Cempaka International School


Contact Information:

Persiaran Awana,
Taman Cheras Permata Dua,
43200 Selangor

Tel:  03 9076 8400
Fax: 03 9076 8194

website: http://www.cempaka.edu.my/



Academic  Information


Cempaka International School


Cempaka International School are school that cater mainly to children who are not nationals of the host country, often the children of the staff of international businesses, organization, embassies, missions, or missionary programs.  Often, international schools are private but public international schools exist.

Usually, international schools teach the main subjects that schools in the USA or the United Kingdom do. Most International schools also offer private tutoring and other extracurricular activities such as a school play, athletic teams and many other after school programs. Teachers at international schools are normally trained and certified in their native countries.


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