International Call Prefixes
(International Dialing Code)


Every country has both a country calling code used to dial into a country, and an international call prefix or international access code used to dial out of the country. The ITU approved 00 as the general standard some time ago, and this has been implemented by a large number of countries, but not all.

International phone numbers are usually written with a + before the phone number representing the international call prefix. Some phones allow this to be entered directly, often by holding the '0' key (most GSM mobile phones) or with two consecutive presses of the * key, which avoids having to know the international call prefix. For example a UK phone number written as +44 1234 567890 would be dialed as 567890 from the '01234' linked numbering scheme exchanges in the UK; as 01234 567890 from elsewhere in the UK; and as 00 44 1234 567890 from countries using the 00 international access code. For countries using a prefix other than 00, simply substitute that for 00 in the last example; for example, from North American Numbering Plan countries (including the United States and Canada), dial 011 44 1234 567890. Many states also provide alternative dialing arrangements for calls to neighboring countries.

International Dialing Code:

Country/Satellite System Country Code NDD IDD
Afghanistan +93 0 00
Albania +355 0 00
Algeria +213 7 00**
American Samoa +1-684* 1 011
Andorra +376   00
Angola +244 0 00
Anguilla +1-264* 1 011
Antarctica +672    
Antigua +1-268* 1 011
Argentina +54 0 00
Armenia +374 8 00
Aruba +297   00
Ascension +247   00
Australia +61 0 0011 (voice calls)
0015 (fax calls - Telstra)
0018 (Telstra special rates)
0019 (fax calls - Singtel Optus)
Australian External Territories +672 0 00
Austria +43 0 00
Azerbaijan +994 8 00
Bahamas +1-242* 1 011
Bahrain +973   00
Bangladesh +880 0 00
Barbados +1-246* 1 011
Barbuda +1-268* 1 011
Belarus +375 8 8-10
Belgium +32 0 00



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  • Country Code - The country code is the national prefix to be used when dialing to that particular country from another country. In some cases you will also need to dial a city or area code.

  • IDD Prefix (International Direct Dialing) - The IDD prefix is the international prefix needed to dial a call from the country listed to another country. This is followed by the country code for the country you are calling. The IDD situation in many countries has been changing regularly. Some countries have multiple IDDs, with each one used by a different long-distance carrier.

  • NDD Prefix (National Direct Dialing) - The NDD prefix is the access code used to make a call within that country from one city to another (when calling another city in the same vicinity, this may not be necessary). The NDD is followed by the city/area code for the place you are calling.

  • * These countries are part of the North America Numbering Plan (NANP), though they may be far removed from North America (and Mexico is not included).  The country code for all NANP countries is 1; the numbers that follow are used as area codes in the U.S. and Canada and function similarly in other NANP areas.

  • ** Await a second tone at this stage.

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