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Malaysia is increasingly recognised by students from around the world as the preferred choice for tertiary and continuing education. Today, great numbers of bright young individuals from around the world contribute to the medley of cultures and languages in Malaysia.

One of the primary reasons for the choice of Malaysia as an educational centre is its relatively low cost of living, yet high quality of life. This is augmented by easy accessibility to the latest state-of-the-art educational aids and technologies so necessary in the pursuit of academic excellence in the modern world.

Key Tips:

A significant amount of research needs to go into studying abroad. Be sure to find out cost of living in the area your college/university is in, visa requirements and when semester begins for the course you are interested in.


Academic  Information


British Malaysian Institute - BMI


British Malaysian Institute - BMI is an institute of higher education which grants academic diploma and degree in a variety of subjects. The college provides both undergraduate education and postgraduate education.

In some cases, colleges prepare students for the degree of a university of which the college is a part  In other cases, colleges are independent institutions which prepare students to sit as external candidates at other universities (e.g. university colleges). University colleges is  an independent higher education institutions that award degrees from a university.


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