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Tanjung Piai National Park

Tanjung Piai National Park


Tanjung Piai is an environmental sanctuary, where the earth, sea, plant and animal life exist in complete harmony. This park is home to many species of birds and mangrove dwellers like mangrove crabs, beady-eyed mudskippers and crab-eating macaques.

Located 90km south of Johor Bahru's city centre, Tanjung Piai also features a National Park that gives visitors a glimpse into the mangrove dweller's natural habitat. Entrance fees are RM3 for Malaysians and RM5 for foreign visitors. These entry fees are payable at Tanjung Piai's visitors' complex.

Platforms have been built through the park so visitors can enjoy these mangroves in comfort. This peaceful park has become popular as a camping destination, in recent years.

Key Tips
This park is the southernmost point of mainland Asia!
How to get there
By Taxi
Tanjung Piai is located about 75km from Johor Bahru. Currently there is no direct bus service to the Tanjung Piai Johor National Park. Taxi service is available from Pontian bus station, in the town centre, to Tanjung Piai's entry point in Sungai Belukang. Be sure to book your return passage back to town in advance with your cab driver.

By Road
From Kuala Lumpur, take the North-South Expressway (NSE) south past Machap, then take the Simpang Rengam exit (Interchange 247) onto the highway headed for Tanjung Piai, via the Benut - Pontian - Kukup highways (Highway 96, Highway 5 and Highway 95). Once near Kukup, follow the signboards leading you to Tanjung Piai.
Who to contact
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Accommodation Overview
This park has become a popular camping destination in recent years. But if you are less inclined to rough it, your best choice is to make a day trip. This option affords you a wide range of comfortable accommodation choices in the nearby city of Johor Bahru.


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